Town Board
Agendas and Minutes

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February 13th (Agenda|Minutes)
January 2nd

Meeting time is 7:30pm

Special Meeting December 11th (Agenda|Minutes)
December 5th (Agenda| Minutes)
December 5th (Notice of Public Hearing/Notice of Special Town Meeting |
Special Meeting November 27th (Agenda|Minutes)
Special Meeting November 21st(Agenda|Minutes)
November 7th (Agenda|Minutes)
Special Meeting October 26th (Agenda|Minutes)
3rd (Agenda-AMENDED|Minutes)
September 5th
( Agenda| Minutes)
August 1st
July 11th (Agenda|Minutes
June 6th (Agenda|Minutes)
Special Meeting May 19th (Agenda| Minutes)
May 2nd (Agenda|Minutes)
Special Meeting April 28th (Agenda|Minutes)
Annual Meeting April 18th (Minutes – draft)
April 11th  (Agenda|Minutes)
March 7th (Agenda|Minutes)
February 7th (Agenda| Minutes)
January 3rd (Agenda|Minutes)
December 6th (Notice of Public Hearing/Notice of Special Town Meeting)
December 6th -(Town Board agenda|Minutes)
November 1st (Agenda|Minutes)
October 11th
(Special Town Board meeting)
October 4th (Agenda| Minutes)
September 29th (Special Town Board Meeting)
September 6th ( Agenda| Minutes)
August 2nd (Agenda | Minutes)
July 5th (Agenda |Minutes
June 7th
( Agenda | Minutes)
May 3rd (Agenda | Minutes)
Annual Meeting (Minutes – approved)
April 12th (Agenda| Minutes)
March 1st  (Agenda | Minutes)
February 9th ( Agenda | Minutes)
January 5thAgenda |Minutes)
December 1st (Minutes  |  Agenda)
November 3rd (Minutes  |  Agenda)
October 20th Special Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
October 6th (Minutes  |   Agenda)
September 9th Special Meeting
September 1st (Minutes  |  Agenda)
August 4th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
July 7th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
June 2nd (Minutes  |   Agenda)
May 12th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
May 5th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
April 21st Annual Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
April 14th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
March 3rd (Minutes  |  Agenda)
February 3rd (Minutes  |  Agenda)
January 6th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
December 2nd (Minutes  |  Agenda)
November 11th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
October 14th Special Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
October 7th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
September 23rd Special Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
September 2nd (Minutes  | Agenda)
August 6th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
July 1st (Minutes  |   Agenda)
June 3rd (Minutes  |  Agenda)
May 20th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
May 6th (Minutes  | Agenda)
April 15th (Minutes  | Agenda)
April 8th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
March 4th (Minutes  |   Agenda)
February 4th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
January 7th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
December 3rd Public Hearing  (Minutes  |  Agenda)
November 11th Special Meeting (Minutes  |   Agenda)
November 5th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
October 8th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
October 1st (Minutes  |  Agenda)
September 23rd Special Budget Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
September 3rd (Minutes  |  Agenda)
August 6th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
July 2nd (Minutes  |   Agenda)
June 4th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
May 30th Board Review
May 7th (Minutes  | Agenda)
April 30th Plan Commission/Town Board (Minutes  |   Agenda)
April 16th Annual Meeting Notice (Minutes  |  Agenda)
March 12th (Minutes  | Agenda)
March 5th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
February 5th (Minutes  | Agenda)
January 8th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
December 4th (Minutes  |   Agenda)
November 13th (Minutes  |   Agenda)
October 23rd Special Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
October 2nd (Minutes  |   Agenda)
September 25th Special Meeting (Minutes  | Agenda)
September 4th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
August 7th (Minutes  |   Agenda)
July 3rd (Minutes  |  Agenda)
June 12th (Minutes  |   Agenda)
May 14th Special Meeting (Minutes  |   Agenda)
May 1st (Minutes  |  Agenda)
April 10th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
March 6th  (Minutes  |  Public Hearing)
February 7th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
January 24th Special Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
January 17th Special Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
January 3rd (Minutes  |  Agenda)
December 6th (Minutes  |  Agenda  | Budget Hearing  | Final Budget Summary | Meeting of Electors)
November 1st (Minutes  |  Agenda)
October 25th Special Budget Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
October 11th Special Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
October 4th (Minutes  | Agenda)
September 6th (Minutes  |   Agenda)
August 4th Notice to Test Voting Machine (Minutes  |  Agenda)
August 2nd  (Minutes  |  Agenda)
July 19th Special Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
July 7th Special Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
June 28th  (Minutes  |  Agenda)
June 7th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
May 17th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
May 9th Open Book Board of Review (Minutes  |  Agenda)
April 18th Special Meeting (Minutes  | Agenda)
April 12th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
March 1st (Minutes  |  Agenda)
February 1st (Minutes  |  Agenda)
January 25th Notice of Caucus (Minutes  | Agenda)
January 4th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
December 7th (Minutes  | Agenda)
November 16th Budget Hearing  (Proposed Budget  |  Budget Hearing)
November 9th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
October 26th Special Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
October 12th Special Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
October 5th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
September 7th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
August 3rd (Minutes  | Agenda)
July 6th (Minutes  | Agenda)
June 1st (Minutes  | Agenda)
May 18th Special Meeting (Minutes  | Agenda)
May 18th Notice of the Board of Review (Minutes  |  Agenda)
May 11th Special Meeting (Minutes  |  Agenda)
May 4th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
April 13th Annual Meeting (Minutes  | Agenda)
March 4th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
February 4th (Minutes  |  Agenda)
January 5th (Minutes  | Agenda)